Welcome to my website!

If you have found your way here and are wondering what kind of hyphenate this person is, cutting through all my skill sets, one can say at heart I am a storyteller. It is my privilege to earn my living at what I love so much. Whether I am writing, performing, or costuming I am using all the tools in my command to communicate the story with passion and clarity to the audience; always mindful of what that audience is as defined by the project. Generously, many collaborators have deemed me a Renaissance woman, a title I would blush to claim, but Storyteller I claim without reservation. I hope you enjoy the stories you find here and that if you need help telling your story you will call on me as your ally.

Please link to YouTube to watch SISTER JUDY AND THE DELINQUENTS at http://youtu.be/fZnyv5B6cuQ for thought-provoking giggles!



photo credit: Eddie Mills